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Taking Pictures of Your Car for Insurance

Imagine you’re driving the familiar route home from work, listening to music and thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner. Suddenly, someone hits you out of nowhere —  you know you’re not injured, but you can’t say the same for your car. Knowing how to take pictures of your car for insurance is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you get the auto body repair you need.

At O’Neill’s Auto Body, we have seen more banged-up cars — and dealt with more insurance companies – than anybody else around. Although most times repairs go off without a hitch, sometimes there can be complications. Taking the right pictures for insurance claims is how you protect yourself after an accident.

Chances are you won’t need to defend yourself to the insurance company, but if you do need to, having the car accident scene photos is your best bet.

Here’s our guide on how to take pictures of your car for insurance!


Taking Pictures of Your Car for Insurance: The Basics

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get the right photos of your car after an accident. Here are our general tips to take the most-effective pictures:

  • When you’re taking pictures of the damage, hold your phone about 3 feet away — close enough to show detail but not so close as to obscure it.
  • Make sure you photograph the important stuff from multiple angles: right-on, overhead, and underneath.
  • Take more pictures than you’re likely to need. Expect to take around 20 or slightly more — it’s better to have too many than too few!


The Right Pictures for Insurance Claims

Having effective pictures is just another way to ensure you receive the auto body repair work you need. Here are the car accident pictures to take and why to take them:

  • Picture of the collision, before the cars are separated — In the event that the other party tries to deny it, this is the proof an accident took place.
  • Point of impact — These are the most important pictures to take. This will help identify the extent of the damage done. Make sure you use multiple angles for this picture.
  • Damaged panels — Take pictures of any and all panels that show damage, no matter how slight.
  • Panels next to damaged panels — Even if it the panel seems untouched, if it is next to a damaged panel, there may be minor damage to be revealed upon closer inspection.
  • Gaps where panels meet the door — This is another place to find unexpected damage.
  • Debris on road — Another sign an accident took place.
  • Bumper — If your bumper’s surface is damaged, this almost always indicates that there is internal structural damage. Make sure you get a picture.
  • Deployed airbag — If an airbag is deployed, it can be costly.
  • The other driver’s license plate — In the unlikely event that they try to leave the scene, this ensures they won’t get far.
  • The other driver’s insurance card — This can save you time when filing the initial claim with your insurance company, so it’s always worth asking for.


REMEMBER: It is always better to call the police after someone hits your car. That way you can obtain a copy of a police report, proving culpability. This can prove crucial in some cases.


Expert Auto Body Repair in Lancaster PA

Although we hope you never need to use it, now you know how to take pictures of your car for insurance purposes. Having the pictures from the accident scene can help ensure you receive the full body work you need to get your car back to before the accident ever took place.

If you ever find yourself in the situation where you need body work after an accident, O’Neill’s Auto Body is Lancaster County’s expert repair shop. Our expert auto body repair technicians can restore your car to the condition it was in before the accident took place, protecting the long-term value of your car.

See our photo gallery of before and after pictures.

If you need skilled auto body work, let’s make a plan to repair your car. Contact us to get started or get a free estimate online!


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