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The Real Risk of a Cheap Paint Job

When was the last time you met a car enthusiast who settled for a “good enough” paint job? That’s right – probably never. And whether or not you consider yourself an auto junkie, you shouldn’t settle for a cheap paint job either.

Think of us as the protective big brother you never had; we want to keep your wallet, your car, and your pride untouched from the dangers of a cheap paint job. Because the quality and cost to paint a car fluctuates from shop to shop, it’s important to understand just how detrimental a “poor man’s paint job” can be.

There are many things to consider before painting a car besides just the new color. Read our blog and  learn the dangers of a cheap paint job, what to look for when finding the best auto paint shop, and how a local Lancaster County auto paint and body shop can help!

Should Cheap Paint Jobs for Cars ACTUALLY be Trusted?

If you’ve been in an auto collision, want a cosmetic update, or are simply looking to add value to your vehicle, a fresh coat of paint is all you may need! However, DIY painting your car or taking it to a casually-minded chain of paint shops may do more harm than good in the long run.

Surely, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard,” You get what you pay for”. Undisclosed sources (and even some of our own personal experience) has taught us that more than anything else in the auto repair industry, this is especially true for paint jobs. The three biggest dangers of a cheap paint job include:

3 Dangers of a Cheap Paint Job:

  1. Massive Devaluation– A buyer can often tell if a car has been cheaply repainted just like you can tell if someone’s gotten Botox. If and when you try to resell your car, it can go for much less than desired since it has been obviously altered from the original.
  2. Chipping & Peeling– In as little as just 6 months, that several hundred dollar investment of a new coat of paint can begin chipping, peeling, and literally falling apart. Then, you’re back where you started – in need of another cheap paint job.
  3. Actually More Expensive– DIY painting your car may sound like a good way to save a few bucks, but few people lack the proper tools and knowledge to do so. Taking matters in your own hands in this scenario can only result in a bigger ticket price after things don’t go right.

Being in the industry, we know just how much of an investment a fresh coat of paint can be. That’s why we’re here to help you find a better option.


Top Things to Consider Before Painting a Car

The journey from junker to jaw-dropping is one that undoubtedly requires patience, talent, and determination – things not every Lancaster, PA paint shop enforces. Before entrusting just anyone with your precious piece of metal, think about these 4 vital signs:

Prepping car for quality paint job in Lancaster, PA
Dedication to Preparation: Ask your car paint shop about the preparation they will do to its surfaces. Sanding, smoothing, cleaning, and attention to detail are necessary in order for any quality paint job to last!

Painting booth in New Holland PA
The Right Setting: Before re-painting a car, consider the environment in which the job is being done. Inquire about seeing the auto body’s paint room for yourself (if the shop even has one). A state-of-the-art paint room shows the auto team in question are true experts.

Auto body painting process
Trust the Painting Process: Cakes, warm jackets, fresh haircuts: it seems like all good things in life come in layers – and a quality paint job is no exception. The best auto paint shops know that to properly re-paint a vehicle, many thin layers of pigment must be used. If your auto body paint shop claims they can deliver a good paint job in less than 3 days, you may want to consider taking your business elsewhere.

New auto body paint for sports cars
The Price is Right: Besides the new color, price point is the biggest thing to consider before painting a car, truck, or motorcycle. While the cost to paint a car can vary, always be hesitant of an auto body shop that promises a good cheap paint job for less than $1,000. .


How O’Neill’s Does it Right Every Time

At O’Neill’s Auto Body Shop in New Holland, PA, we have been voted a LNP Reader’s Choice Favorite for 7 years! A family owned company with a small business feel, it is our goal to make any auto repair one that you are confident in. Take a look at some of our most recent paint jobs!

Our PPG certified team of painters take the time to do it right every time. We start by properly prepping the faces of your vehicle by sanding, cleaning, and smoothing all surfaces. Doors and other parts are removed from the car and painted individually to prevent skippers and gaps. With our eco-friendly car paint and seal-tight paint booth, both your car AND the environment will be grateful you brought your investment to our team!

Before you hand the keys over to any other Lancaster County paint shop or try to DIY paint your car, give the team at O’Neill’s Auto Body a call. Your completely free estimate and advice on other things to consider before painting your car is waiting!

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