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SB3 Ceramic Coating

If you’re looking for the best ceramic coating for cars, then you’re looking for SB3, the ceramic coating made in central PA that’s making waves across the world.

Whether you’re an auto junkie or a daily driver, you love your car. The sound of the ignition, how comfortable you feel behind the wheel, and the way the spotless paint catches the sun. Keeping your paint looking brand-new is something every driver dreams of — but that’s no easy task.

Everyday wear and tear along with life’s unexpected issues can leave your once flawless car looking stained, dented, smeared, and chipped. That’s why at O’Neill’s Auto Body, we use and recommend the SB3 fully-warranted best ceramic coating for cars of all types. Learn more about what ceramic coating does, our total ceramic coating price, and what sets SB3 apart as the best ceramic coating for cars and motorcycles.

What Does Ceramic Coating do for Cars?

Lots of customers ask us, what is ceramic coating for cars? Essentially, ceramic coating is like car wax, except that it provides infinitely more protection than simple wax ever could! Engineered to be lightweight yet ultra durable, ceramic coating lasts up to 4 years – while most waxes last a maximum of 4 weeks!

With 3 decades in the auto body business, we’ve seen just about everything that can mess up a nice paint job. So many environmental factors want to ruin the sleek shine of your flawless ride, but SB3 ceramic coating defends against ALL of them!

This is the laundry list of nasty possibilities SB3 protects against includes:

  • Bird droppings – Not only are bird droppings gross, they leave potentially permanent marks on your paint. The self-cleaning qualities of our ceramic coating keep bird droppings from bonding with your paint.
  • Bugs – Bugs can hit your car in any number of places and leave a stain behind. SB3 doesn’t let that happen.
  • Acid rain water-spots – Acidic rain can leave damage etched into the clear coat of a car. The hydrophobic properties of SB3 keeps acid rain from damaging your car.
  • Scuff marks in paint – Particularly noticeable around door handles, scuffing makes your car look old and badly cared for. The hard shell of ceramic coating keeps your car scuff-free everywhere.
  • Tree Sap – An issue during certain times of year, sticky tree sap can make a mess of your car and stick around long after the seasons change. The SB3 keeps sap from sticking.

Not only will you take pride in your car every time you give someone a ride and they tell you how new it looks, but you’ll actually protect the value of your car, too. After all, if your car looks newer to your friends, it’ll look newer when you try to sell it. If your car looks clean, you’ll see some value as a trade-in or on the private market.

What Makes SB3 The Best Ceramic Coating for Cars?


In the hands of the auto body repair experts at O’Neill’s, SB3 is the best ceramic car paint protection – bar none. SB3 is the best ceramic car paint protection because of how we use it. We don’t simply apply the coating to your car, we prep it first. At O’Neill’s Auto Body, before using SB3, we perform a full paint correction on your car to ensure your car looks its absolute best.

The product itself, the warranties that back it up, and how O’Neill’s uses it all make SB3 the best ceramic coating for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Ceramic Coating Cost

You like the protection SB3 offers and you like the O’Neill’s process. So what does ceramic coating cost?

We offer separate ceramic coating price packages for cars:

  • Alpha Ceramic Coating Package: $1,250 — 4-years of protection
  • Omega Ceramic Coating Package: $1,100 – 2 years of protection

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