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Removing Smoke Odor from Cars Once & For All

There are some things that even Febreze can’t fix – one of them being the potent odor of stale cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke odor removal is WAY above Febreze’s pay grade.

What you may not know is that the foul smell from a pack of cigs is very resilient and gets absorbed into EVERY crevasse of your car the way water is absorbed in a porous sponge.

As frustrating as that news can be, thankfully, there are lots of both DIY and professional ways to get rid of cigarette odors. Read on to learn how to remove smoke from your car like the pros.


Temporary DIY Solutions for Cleaning Smoke Smell:

Getting rid of cigarette smell can be a crucial skill to learn. If you’re trying to sell a used car that smells like smoke, good luck. The repulsive scent of a former smoking habit is a major turn-off to potential buyers.  But, a clean car can bring you a higher price and appeal to many more customers!

For those who wish they could go back in time and put a huge “No Smoking” sign on their car window, we have researched and tested the best methods for removing that stubborn smell yourself.

Whether you bought a used car that smells like smoke, or you are trying to sell a car that literally “reeks havoc,” let the O’Neill’s team help you out with a few DIY secrets to removing smoke odor from a car.

dryer sheet for cleaning car
Dryer sheets– It turns out polyester sheets covered in a neutral fragrance are good for more than just making your clothes soft! For some temporary smoke odor removal, wipe down the cloth seats of your car to deodorize instantly.

vinegar in clear bowl
White vinegar – The secret weapon of inexpensive cleaning products, white vinegar is another proven way to mask cigarette odor quickly. Simply pour it into a cup and place it in any one of those super convenient cup holders in your vehicle overnight.

car air freshener
Air Fresheners & Citrus Peels – Cover that horrid cigarette odor with the scent of a strong air freshener, or by placing a citrus peel in your car. Either one of these should help disguise the smoke smell, at least for a few days.


Long-Term Smoke Smell Removal

We’re going to let you in on a little secret.

While those at-home DIY solutions for getting cigarette odors out of your car can mask the smell, they can’t completely eliminate it. In other words, they’re great for a nice temporary clean, but won’t hold the complete, long-lasting results that you want.

Reconditioning auto detailing from highly-skilled auto expert — like O’Neill’s Auto Body — is the only way to truly eliminate odor, stains, and to make your car feel as good as new – from the inside out.



The Proven O’Neill’s Smoke Odor Removal Process:

        • Interior Surfaces – We start the reconditioning process by cleaning the hard vinyl and plastic panels of the car. This helps remove not only the smell, but also the oily residue often left behind from the smoke itself!
        • Carpets – Like mentioned before, your carpets truly have a lot to do with that lingering smoke odor. Our team cleans, shampoos, and dries the carpets thoroughly for a refresh revival.
        • Headliner – Smoke rises and often gets trapped in the headliner of your car, but our intense shop vacuum gets it out!
        • Windows & Windshield – Foggy windows and windshields make for an unsafe – and unsightly – driving experience. We combat and prevent that hazy-looking film from returning with a professional cleaning product and expert-level equipment.
        • Air Filters – Changing the cabin filter and cleaning under the dash makes the world of a difference when it comes to smoke odor removal. Making this simple swap brings a breath of fresh air, literally!
        • The Extractor- It sounds powerful because it is. Our premier odor extracting technology removes dirt and water from carpet with ease! With two massive chambers, the large shop vacuum administers the most ideal cleaning solution.
        • Reverse Osmosis – After the interior is cleaned, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Our specialized Ozone machine is switched to “On” and is run in addition to the air conditioning, destroying smelly particles on a microscopic level.


        But the best part about our Ozone treatment? It’s included for free with a full auto detailing — just let us know beforehand!


        Lancaster County’s Favorite Detailing Team

        Auto Body Shop in New Holland PA

      • An Ozone treatment can be harmful if done incorrectly, but O‘Neill’s Auto Body has been doing this for years AND has yet to receive a complaint from an unsatisfied customer.  

        We are pros at getting the smell to go, and our dedicated team treats your car as our own. We always repeat the cleaning process until the car is fresh – no matter how many times that takes!

        When you’re ready to get rid of the cigarette odor in your car, make an appointment with our Lancaster, PA detailing shop.  Remember, if you’d like this service done, please let us know beforehand so we can schedule it in — at no extra charge!

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