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SB3 Ceramic Coating

Auto Ceramic Coating in Lancaster PA

Auto ceramic coating ensures your car’s coat of paint looks flawless for years to come. When applied correctly it can safeguard the paint on your car from a wide variety of environmental factors, including bird droppings, bugs, scuffing, water spots and more.

At O’Neill’s Auto Body, we are the premier provider of auto ceramic coating in Lancaster PA. Plus, we are the exclusive Lancaster County dealer of industry-leading SB3 coating for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

In addition to having access to elite coating products, we also use a precise application method that eliminates paint imperfections before our technicians apply the ceramic coating.

While using a high-tech paint protector on your car might sound like a luxury, the pricing is affordable enough to make it an option for almost anyone — and almost any car. In fact, the powerful protection of SB3 is a popular solution for a wide variety of vehicles, including everything from sports bikes and classic show cars to luxury vehicles and daily drivers.

The bottom line: no matter what you drive, ceramic coating ensures that the paint will stay protected for years to come. O’Neill’s is the Lancaster auto ceramic coating team to trust.



How Does Ceramic Car Paint Work?

Ceramic coating works by bonding to the car itself, creating a nearly-impenetrable protective barrier that repels a variety of contaminants. Ceramic coating or ceramic car paint is somewhat similar to a car wax, just with far more robust protection.

Consider this: while the benefits from waxing your car last a few weeks at most, the protection from SB3 lasts for between 2 and 4 years, depending on the package you buy. Don’t just take our word for it though, SB3 backs all of their products with a no-hassle, independent warranty.


While the SB3 coating is a fantastic product, the O’Neill’s ceramic car paint process truly allows it to shine. Before applying the coating to your car, we employ a rigorous paint correction.

process to fix any imperfections in your paint. This way, when we install the auto ceramic coating, we protect your car when perfect. If the product is applied without prior paint correction, It renders any pre-existing damage permanent.

Learn more about how SB3 ceramic coating can protect your vehicle, here.



O’Neill’s Ceramic Coating Price

Think of ceramic car paint as an investment in your vehicle’s residual value. You’ll see more value in your car as either a trade-in or for sale if you keep the exterior looking brand new. The Alpha package is our most popular as it doubles the coating lifespan for only $150 more.

  Detailing SB3 Ceramic Coating Prices

5 Year Coating

*USED* Cars

Used Cars— Starting at $1,100 (by estimate)

(includes full detail- ceramic glaze coating, paint, windshield and wheels)

Used Trucks— Starting at $1,250 (by estimate)

(includes full detail- ceramic glaze coating, paint, windshield and wheels)


5 Year Coating

*NEW* Cars

New Cars Off The Lot— Starting at $800 (by estimate)

(includes full detail- ceramic glaze coating, paint, windshield and wheels)

New Trucks off the lot — Starting at $950 (by estimate)

(includes full detail  – ceramic glaze coating paint, windshield, tires)


Ceramic Wheel Coating

$250 per set of wheels

Motorcycles – 3 Year Coating

*NEW* Motorcycles

All Sport Bikes— starting at $500 by estimate

All Touring Bikes— starting at $600 by estimate

The Local Ceramic Coating for Cars


Inside Lancaster's SB3 Shop


Not only is SB3 the industry-leading ceramic coating on the market, it is local as well. SB3 was developed and created in Lebanon County PA — yet it has made waves across the world in the auto industry. When O’Neill’s Auto Body decided to provide auto ceramic coating in Lancaster PA, we knew we wanted the best product on the market, and we were more than glad to support another local Pennsylvania company. It made our choice easy.

If you want to safeguard your paint from the most common environmental hazards, SB3 is the product to use, and O’Neills is the team to install it. In fact, we are the exclusive SB3 auto ceramic coating dealer in Lancaster County. But our expertise doesn’t stop with SB3 coating, we also have years of experience with auto detailing, car painting, collision repair, and so much more.

Contact us to learn more and to schedule your SB3 appointment.