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Eco-Friendly Paint

Lancaster’s Eco-Friendly Car Paint Shop

What’s better than a fresh paint job? A fresh paint job, that is also better for the environment. At O’Neill’s Auto Body, we are one of the first eco-friendly auto body shops in Lancaster, PA to use water-based car paint – and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

While a professional auto body paint job can increase the value of your vehicle, a poorly done paint job can do more harm than good. Make the right choice with water-based auto paint – you’ll notice the difference.

Our new water-based auto paint is a win-win-win solution. It’s better for your car, better for the earth, and better for your wallet. But don’t just take our word for it; stop by our local shop today —or explore our gallery—to see the difference for yourself!

Why Chose an Eco-Friendly Auto Body Paint Option

Volatile Organic Compounds (also known as VOCs) are the elements in traditional solvent-based paint that produces pollution in the environment. When painting a vehicle with solvent-based paint, those VOCs cling to molecules in the atmosphere, causing air pollution, strong paint fumes, and unnecessary waste.

Water-based car paints are a modern and green alternative to solvent-based paints. Unlike traditional solvent-based paint, water-based paint does not release hazardous elements into the atmosphere. Since it is mixed with water, the leftover water molecules simply evaporate instead of polluting the air. In other words, environmentally safe water-based paint sticks to the car – and not to the air.

The Secret Benefits of Water-Based Paint

When getting a new paint job for your car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV, you want a color that is an exact match, not one that is just “good enough”. Because more and more new cars are being finished with water-based paint by the manufacturers, local auto body paint shops like O’Neill’s can precisely match the original color flawlessly by using water-based paints.

As mentioned earlier, water-based paint is also more affordable when compared to solvent-based paint. This is another benefit of this advancement that makes it the preferred choice for customers. Save money, save the earth, and save future car paint problems when you choose our eco-friendly car paint!

Whether or not you chose to work with O’Neill’s, ask your local car paint shop about water-based paints and what they are doing to help with the environment!

The O’Neill’s Car Painting Process

Just like most investments, you’ll notice the difference in the details. That couldn’t be more true for our car painting process. The O’Neill’s car painting process is unlike any other in the area. We take the time to truly cover every nook, cranny, and crevasse of each vehicle we work on. The dedicated certified technicians on our team carefully remove the doors of the vehicle – something that not every shop does. This allows us to provide every vehicle we paint with a flawless finish that looks as good as when it was brand new.

In addition, all of our painters are certified through the PPG program. This means that you can feel completely confident knowing that our team has the updated knowledge on what it takes to work with this new product.


The Local Car Paint Shop Making a Difference

O’Neill’s Auto Body Shop is a family-owned business located in New Holland, PA. Since 2006, our team has been painting, repairing, coating, and detailing cars of all shapes and sizes.  We believe in the importance of hard work and top-quality results for ALL customers.

Whether you are getting ready to resell your vehicle or simply make some cosmetic updates, a new paint job can work wonders on the appearance.

Schedule an appointment with one of the leading car paint shops in all of Lancaster, PA today.